Here are my thoughts on what I would define as Leadership, and who in my life I see as a Leader.

My definition of Leadership:

I believe a leader is someone who can influence, motivate and encourage those who follow them. It is about being able to influence those within their team to use their skills to accomplish a common goal. Leadership is an attribute that is unique to each person, and needs constant work to keep up with the demands of society in the working world.

Why would I define it like that:

Leadership is not something that everyone possess. It is an attribute that comes either through experience or learning. Leadership in my viewpoint cannot be trained or taught, it is something that comes through from passion and determination. Leadership is most evident in times of extreme failure or hardship, I perceive Steve Jobs to be a leader. He was innovative, driven and influenced people to believe in his products. Despite the constant failures that he encountered over his career, he prevailed with many success products, and known to be one of the most successful men in the world.

Someone (or something) that embodies your definition of leadership:

I have recently started working with a Contractor that is implementing a new Shared Services model in my organisation. He is extremely experienced in a variety of industries and different types of work, has 3 degrees and has a very successful reputation. With the reputation that he has one would assume him to be arrogant and “above” those he comes into contact with, but quite the contrary. I am in awe of his style, his modesty, his intelligence. I have come to see him as a leader, and exceptional one at that. To me he is dedicated, hard working and wants nothing more than for his projects to be successful. To me he is a leader, he spends the time to mentor me, to give me advice on decisions I make work wise, he takes the time to listen to my ambitions and suggests practical ways for me to achieve them. To me that is leadership, with his knowledge and experience he uses it to influence me in ways that helps to develop me personally and professionally.

What behaviors they (it) exhibit:

Ambition, determination, passion, interest, experience, knowledge, and modesty. There are more, but those are the main attributes that I see in him, and to me that defines him as a leader to me.

This has been an interesting topic for me to write about – I haven’t spent a lot of time thinking about what actually makes a leader – but then again Leadership is also very perceptive, the definition of leadership is different to everyone.

Until next week

HR Workaholic