Motivation – a topic always talked about, but something most people seem to lack.
I went through university and most of my jobs lacking any sense of motivation to do anything useful, to make any sort of change. I thought a lot about what I would achieve in 5, 10 or 15 years time – would I be someone great? Or just another person in line for another paycheck. I got my first proper HR job and wow, that motivation level immediately switched. I was put in charge of developing and implementing a full HR helpdesk from scratch – something I was fully in charge of, that was mine. I have to say – my motivation level spiked to an all time high. I had control, I had autonomy of what I wanted it to look like, how it would function and how it would be run.
What motivates me?

Recognition, success, accomplishment, respect, achievement and to inspire others.

I know inspiring others seems to be at the end – but it is in no particular order. I work with another colleague on the same level as myself, but she always asks for my help, opinion and input into some of the work that she does. She is a lot older than me, but nothing means more to me, than her valuing what I have to say. The simple “thanks Tash, that makes sense” or “oh yea – I see that now” gives me all the motivation I need to hurry up and learn more so that she can ask me more questions, and me offering her more help. That part of my motivation is reliant on someone else appreciating what I have to offer.

In all honesty, a lot of my motivation comes from people recognizing my good work and my good ideas. At my previous job my opinion was highly thought of, it was hard to leave that kind of recognition and respect behind, but I am now in the position to work on that again, and show that it is a trait I can move from workplace to workplace. My motivation has spiked further working with the Contractor Man – the simple feedback he gives, the little comments of my good work is enough to boost me to through the next hurdle.

Motivation is different to everyone, we seem to struggle to find it sometimes, but then we need to look deep and find the things that will we enjoy, that comes from the inside. This is intrinsic motivation – when we do something without seeking an external reward. Intrinsic to me is the most important – if we don’t truly enjoy what we do then motivation may not come easily. Although, money will always be a motivating factor for me – it won’t be the most important. I don’t want to be that person that earns $500k a year but hates every second of his job – I want to earn $500k doing what I love day in and day out. Simple.
I am working on something I enjoy, something that I am passionate about. Tie that with my motivation to make it successful – I hope that one day it will be great.

Until next time.

HR Workaholic