I know we aren’t required to do a blog on this topic, but it is a good one to think about. I have found that sometimes I get so absorbed in what I am doing, that I get to a point where I should have taken a breath, or some relax time – but haven’t had someone around to tell me to do it (or I guess suggest to do it).

I reflected on who I counted as support people in my life, and I don’t think I actually have a proper support person right there, someone that I can be completely open and honest with. I have a constant fear of my work being judged, or that people will think my ideas are silly, so it stops me from opening up and sharing my ideas around. It has only been recently with my work on my Career Development Group that I have started to voice my ideas around what I want to do. The Contractor Man has been extremely understanding with my constant rambles of ideas; I would consider him one of the few people in my life currently that is a support person to my leadership and my work.

I have had a lot of feedback from people that I am extremely motivated, and doing a lot of good things, but I am not getting more than that. In defence, I haven’t allowed a lot of people to have an input. So in reflecting on the support mechanisms I have in regards to my leadership, it has shown me that I should allow people to be a bit more involved in the work that I do.

Reading through the transcript for tweet chat last week, it was interesting to see how many people saw the importance in having support around when you are trying to be a leader. As A said in the outline this week, leadership can be lonely, and you need to consciously make an effort to include those around you in your aspirations and efforts for effective leadership.

Upon reflection – I am going to make more of an effort to include some important people in my leadership journey, and ask them for more feedback and input into the work that I do.

Until next week

HR Workaholic