I think I can honestly say, my life is far from being well balanced, and well integrated. I am sure this is the case with a lot of other people that have a lot they are trying to achieve, but yet we try so hard to ensure a well balanced and integrated life.

Above is the infographic I created to represent how I try to integrated my life. Some of it I am currently doing, but some I am trying to be better at.

Relationships: In today’s society it is easier to connect with friends and family over a wider geographical area, so I use email/twitter and text to connect to all the people in my life that I can’t easily head down the road to see. I am actively involved in HRINZ at the moment, and have just recently signed up to be on the 2013 Branch Committee so I have been networking and building relationships through attending those events as well. I am currently working closely with the Contractor Man who I consider to be my Mentor, and that has been helping me integrate a lot of my life as well.

Paid Work/Current Employment: I have been working harder than usual in my current position to ensure that I get as much development as I can from my current organization and within the team I am working with. Without working hard at my current position I can’t get the career experience I need in order to get my future goal under way and in good stead for success.

CDG: This is work that I have been doing in my spare time – it has been adding up to about 20-25 hours a week. This ranges from blogging, research, mind-mapping, emailing etc. I have been devoting a lot of my time working through what I want CDG to be, and this in turn sometimes feeds into other aspects of my life. But my passion for this part of my life and this work that I am doing, has helped me to work harder in my current employment and also in turn encourages me to network more effectively.


Me: Finally, this is what I do to ensure I keep a sense of sanity around me. I sleep A LOT, because I LOVE sleeping – I have been called a cat on a few occasions where I can slip into a nap especially in sunlight and stretch out. I exercise when I can, I haven’t been doing well in incorporating that into my schedule recently, but it is there – and I am aware of that each day. I read a lot, I am currently addicted to a new novel set and love each minute of it. I write a lot as well – it helps me keep in tune with my thoughts and feelings (girly, I know)

So, that is my life and how I try to keep my life integrated and together. I hope this makes sense, and gives some clarity to how I attempt to keep my life together, and keep it in line with where I am at the moment, and where I want to be in future.
As effective and potential leaders, we need to ensure that we can see our present state, and also the state of where we want to be in future. I am doing certain things in order to get me to my end goal, and to ensure they get me where I need to be, with the people I want there.

Until next week

HR Workaholic