The one thing I have started using more in 2013 than ever before is networking.

Networking is the new way to fast forward your career and really build your connections in the professional world. I have fast tracked my career prospects faster than I did when I was just contacting recruitment companies. Let me share some of the things I have been doing to meet new people and open up my own opportunities.

Linked In:

In the last 2 or 3 months I have completely revamped my LinkedIn profile. I have added in all of my skills, my experience and a comprehensive summary of myself. LinkedIn is the most used tool by recruitment companies to start looking for compatible candidates for new roles. With the launch of LinkedIn Jobs, this will only increase. I have even included unpaid work that I am currently doing, this is your up to date, online resume to really show the world what you are doing and what you are able to offer. I have seen profiles that also have taglines such as “Experienced HR Advisor looking for a new opportunity” It is the best new way to market yourself and get your name out there.


– Make sure you have an up to date professional profile photo

– Ensure your skills, experience and contact details are up to date and current


I am a twitter addict. I love twitter. I use twitter everyday. I have some great followers and I follow great people, I also follow employment lawyers, recruitment companies, CEOs, marketers and best of all HR Professionals. I have worked hard to grow a good following in Twitter and the people I follow not only entertain me, but also teach me a lot in terms of HR. Twitter was the forum in which I met my #NZLead partner. I have never met her in real life but have worked with her actively on Twitter and through email. Twitter is the forum in which we run our #NZLead tweet chats each Thursday night, and we facilitate conversations with HR Professionals around NZ and the world. I also got my recent Change Coordinator secondment via Twitter. It’s about who you know! Get on Twitter and get connecting!

Volunteer: Committee’s and Networking Events

I am currently on the Human Resources Institute of NZ Branch Committee for 2013 and it has been a great way to meet other professionals within the industry that I work in. It does take up time, and you have to commit some efforts into it, but if you want to move forward and get ahead you need to make some sacrifices and work the hard yards. I have just put my name forward as the Branch Communications Coordinator and that will be a great new challenge in itself, but will also give me new skills and experience to use in future roles.

To get ahead this year, and to really move forward you need to step out of your comfort zone and give up some of your time! Get out there, learn new things, and meet new people!

Be great to hear your networking ideas?

HR Workaholic