To follow on from my last blog post “Are you making friends?” I wanted to share my experience on how I got my current secondment (temporary transfer to another job) through Twitter!

First week back at work for 2013 and I get mentioned in a tweet from a tweeter who I noticed following me late 2012 but didn’t really think much of it. He was talking about his preparation for the new year at work and asked “how is it going 6 floors up @TashTasticNZ” I didn’t even know this follower worked for the same company, but looking at his profile pic I realised it was the guy who was always on Level 11 (my floor) going to meetings with HR people! Tweeting continued with some work banter, until he finally came and introduced himself to me and explained to me what he did in the company (as I am a Social Media addict I stalked him on LinkedIn as well). I started doing some work on Change Management and tweeted about it randomly – next thing I knew I was in a meeting with “the Twitter guy” about a Change Coordinator role for a programme he was managing.

A week later I was signing on the dotted line of my five month secondment as a Change Coordinator with a break from my substantive role as Human Resources Advisor. Honestly, it was the best career move I have made since calling the General Manager at the DHB for a job.

It is about putting yourself out there and opening yourself up to opportunities. The best opportunities come around when you are not looking and when it is least expected. I have learned great things about myself and about Change within my current company that I didn’t think I could. I have another three months to go in the secondment, and depending on what happens in June 2013, will determine the next step in my exciting career.

To make the most of our evolutionary work force and your own career progression, get on Twitter and LinkedIn and put yourself out there!

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December 11, 2010