Recently I was talking to a friend of mine who has started a new phase of their life in a new country. They have been overseas for 6 months now and 4 months ago they had to take what job they could get at the time due to their money decreasing. Five months in and they are not enjoying their job but also in a situation where money is the biggest factor in making their next career decision.

How many people are out there that dread coming to work every day, wish they were in a different role and loving what they are doing? Yet, they stay at the job they dislike because they can’t take the risk financially to do what they love. I have had a few friends who have taken the risk for the role that they have a degree for and one who took the plunge to start their own venture.

The global economic crisis has stumped the ability for people to go out and do new things and take the risks to live with a little less money. Expenses are increasing, bills are sky rocketing and salaries aren’t doing so well to keep up. But this isn’t about finances. I really believe that people should be going out and doing what they love or doing what they think they will love. I am currently in my early 20’s, three years into my career and the freest I will ever be in my life, so I am using this time to explore different things like Change Management, which I can feed back into my HR career.

While talking to the friends as mentioned above I have made similar points with each of them:

What is your current role giving you that will get you to your dream job?

How much lee-way can your finances take if you took your preferred job with a pay cut?

What are the pros and cons to you taking a great new role and again for staying in your current job?

I can’t speak for everyone as this is a topic that is in a way personal to each of us, but I think the thinking should be the same no matter what. We should be doing what we love rather than what we are restricted to do because of money. For those who have a mortgage, children and other commitments the factors are obviously very different (but this still shouldn’t hinder your path to happiness), but for those who don’t have children, no mortgage and no big commitments – shouldn’t this be the time that we take those risks and get on the path to our end goal?

I am currently looking into my own little business venture as well as working on other things that are building my skills and capability, but like most, money is a factor for me as well. At the end of the day – I don’t want to be in a job I don’t like, I don’t want to be coming to work and feeling like I’m in prison for 9 hours a day. Instead, I have my eyes open at all sorts of things, and getting my fingers in all kinds of pies – because you just never know what will pop up next.

If I can provide any advice to my followers – do what you love and do what brings joy to your day. Otherwise, you will always be wondering “what if” and no one wants to live with that kind of mentality.

Get out there and live and take risks. Without taking the big risks, we will never get to true happiness.

Perfect picture to sum up my post!

February 28, 2010