Since my last post, I officially announced that I am heading to the United Kingdom for 2.5 weeks for a work & holiday experience!

I will finish my current role on Friday, 5th July and then fly out on a brand new adventure on Saturday, 6th July. There was some planning around this adventure, but it turned into reality when Perry Timms asked me to research and consult with him on Social Media and HR through his consulting firm – People and Transformational HR.

I must admit, I am SCARED as HECK! I have never been to the UK let alone on such a huge trip by myself, but after receiving the request to work with Perry, it was an opportunity not to miss. I mean, who gets asked to head to the UK to work alongside an HR and Social Media Professional?! It is JUST amazing!

My time there will be jam packed, the schedule is already looking to be busy but I am looking forward to meeting some exceptional people (especially the ones who I am BFF’s with on Twitter) in the HR Profession but also exceptional people in their own lives. I am going to be involved in some great work ranging from workshops, presentations and meetings which will all surround Social Media and HR! How perfect!

For the next 10 days, I will be preparing and planning my UK work, I will be organising my sight-seeing schedule and ensuring that I pack ALL my things. Let’s just say – I am good at missing the important things. A good list will come in handy during the packing process. I have to say, my 06.40am flight from here to Sydney is going to be torturous, but being on the other side of the world is going to be exceptional!

I will most likely blog daily, or at least every second day depending on where we are and what we are doing, but my blog will be active! Looking forward to sharing my experience with all you wonderful followers!

HR Workaholic (on tour)!