Friday, July 5th the day finally came when I finished my current job. The four weeks of your resignation period is always the longest four weeks of your working life. You are closing the doors of your current job, anticipating the opportunities in your new role, but you are having to remain engaged until the final moments appear.

I found these last four weeks even harder to get through, “because not only was I relieved to finish my current role, I was excited to be going to the UK to work with Perry Timms on a once-in-a-life-time opportunity. I am also looking forward to an interesting new role at the end of July. It has been a lot to take in over the past four weeks. I have been excited, nervous and anxious all at once.

I am currently about to begin my second leg of travel to the United Kingdom. I am in Sydney Airport writing this post and thinking about all the exciting things I have planned for the next two and a half weeks alongside Perry Timms. I can’t believe that on my second day there I will be at a Leadership Conference alongside Perry where I will develop my learning more in the leadership space. On the 15th the awesome people of Twitter have organised a #tweetup (where twitter people organise a social event to meet face-to-face) in my honour in Manchester!!

This opportunity and this career step was all brought together by the power of Social Media. Everyone that I will be interacting with, working with and socialising with are people who I have gotten to know and love through the Social Media space and now I have the best opportunity money could buy to meet them all in person.

My blog over the next two weeks will be filled with events I’ve attended alongside Perry, things I’ve learned from him, the UK and from all my new UK twitter friends and OF COURSE sight-seeing! I have a huge list of places I must see, so that will be exciting happenings! Keep an eye out for my Twitter and Blog updates to get a piece of the action!

HR Workaholic (on tour)!