What better way to see London than to play a game using its landmarks? What an amazing day I had trekking around London with a team I met on the day, completing challenges and sweating in 30 degree congested heat.

Trainers Kit Bag runs a very well put-together game for team building, personal development and even fun days out. All participants are divided into teams and embark on the mission of gaining the most points by; physically going to places in the city, taking a picture, receiving a task, completing the task, logging the task and heading to the next location and waiting to find out if you have won the previous challenge. Each team can complete the same task but only after you have logged the task will your team find out if you have won the challenge or not (your team has to complete it first), you then do the same for as many of the challenges as you can to win as many points as possible! Alongside the main game, a scavenger hunt was included with a range of random tasks that would give you bonus points; these were not compulsory but could help you win as you go through the game.

I have to say, I had the best team, although we started the morning like headless chickens with no game plan. We soon realised that if we didn’t listen to each other, offer ideas and think logically about the best route around the city, we would lose. Lunch time came and instead of putting the game talk aside, we sat down and strategised our plan from St James Park and how we could conquer the map and our challenges. As the day went on we continued to work collaboratively and make decisions together, it was a fantastic way to quickly understand the people you are working with, how each of them thought and how the team could effectively make decisions while trying to win a game.

At the end of the day we were sweaty, smelly, sticky and in absolute agony but in extremely high spirits! Even if we didn’t win we couldn’t help but love how we played the game, we made really good decisions and we all just enjoyed working and running around London together. BUT we did WIN! All the pain and sweat paid off, we made the most money by winning the most properties on the board, but with the scavenger hunt we fell short (congrats to the other team).

At the end of the day when I thought about what I had learned, it was interesting, I felt like I dragged the team down because of my lack of knowledge of London, however where I could provide input I did (which I hope helped my team). My take-away thoughts from the experience:

  • You need to plan and strategise – once we had a plan written down and we agreed this was our guide, we were on form and had direction, it was easy then to slip in little detours and additional tasks into the mix because we knew the overall direction
  • Decisions need to be made together – at the beginning of the day there was no sense of direction, there was no clear team decision-making and it caused us to run around like headless chickens. Once we reigned each other in, each had our inputs and we made collaborative decisions. It was easier from there onwards
  • Play to individual strengths where you can – we had great local knowledge within the team about London, once we had a direction and listened to what people knew, we wasted little time (Google, you saved us a few times too)
  • You need to have a laugh – although it was tiring, hot and exhausting, we all just had so much fun. We laughed, joked and learned a lot about each other. It was just a great way to bond and accomplish something together!

What a great initiative and way to build team relationships and encourage personal development and learning. It was the most amazing way to see London and I couldn’t have thought of a better way to spend the day!

Thanks to my amazing team: David (@dds180), Cassie (@HR_Cass), Pin (@pinpatel), Gabby (@gabrielladriver) and our two great guides; Mark (@MarkL_TFRrec) and Doug (@dougshaw1). This was our team finishing at Kings Cross Station after 6 hours! We are missing Gabby and Doug!


Another great story from my HR Workaholic (on tour edition)!