With the AirNZ case making headlines, causing talk and getting everyone in a frenzy, how can you not love being an HR practitioner right now?

This case and what we know so far is what makes me love my role as a generalist HR practitioner. Imagine what the investigating, the conversations and the facilitating of this case must have been like to date. That is what I love about HR. I enjoy the employment relations cases. I love the hard conversations. I love coaching managers through hard situations. I love supporting the manager so that there is the best possible outcome for all parties.

Yes generalist HR practitioners can be process mad, but if they aren’t there (or good at their job) then the organisation ends up in sticky situations. People say HR generalists are seen as the police, I despise this statement. In the roles that I have had, I’ve tried not to police, but coach and ensure the managers are able to do their job, where they can’t, I step in to guide them through it or help them mend bad spots.

I love being a generalist. If I do specialise in HR it will be in the ER space. It’s fascinating and all about people and situations, two are never the same.

I recently saw a post on LinkedIn titled “Why is HR so boring?” HR is as exciting as you make it, as exciting as the organisation and as exciting as its people. There are administration elements in all roles, if you are in an HR role that is too admin focused, find a new one that isn’t. If the role isn’t challenging enough, find one that is. If you aren’t interested in the industry/services of the organisation, find one that does interest you.

Find what you love and enjoy doing. You spend 40+ hours a week doing it.

Right now, I love ER and my new roles is giving me just that!

HR Workaholic!