I’ve been tweeting a lot about how much I love my job recently and the other day a follower on twitter asked if we could Skype because she would really like to find out why I do, so after the Skype I thought I would blog about it too.

I’ve been in my new role about 5 weeks now and some could argue that it is still the honeymoon phase and most people would be expected to still love their job 5 weeks in. To be honest, I can see myself being happy here for the next two years at least. It’s not the nice salary, the flexibility of work hours or the autonomy in my role (they are nice), but it is my manager, my colleagues and the undivided support that makes me love being there.

To be a good HR advisor, especially when it comes to employment issues and sensitive employee matters, it is important to know you have a good manager and a good team around you everyday. I’ve been in roles where I didn’t have adequate support, didn’t feel heard and didn’t feel like it was a cohesive team who were on the same page. This opportunity is different for me. One example that will stick with me – I was given a project that took me a while to get my head around. I started delivering the work and it didn’t start off to well. There was a lack of communication between all parties, the solution wasn’t clear and I immediately took it personally and felt that I had failed. I hadn’t actually done anything wrong, but I felt that I had messed up. It felt worse because I am still new and I am still trying to prove myself and impress my colleagues. This was a situation that I had to take control of and fix.

I spoke with my manager about it and was very honest about how I felt. I talked her through what I had done to that point and she assured me it wasn’t that bad. It was something that was easily fixed and she stepped in to help me get back on track. The following day she supported me at a high level meeting and cleared the barriers easily and everyone was happy and back on track. I received client feedback that was constructive and she portrayed it in a way that was useful for me to learn from.

To my mind, that is what makes a good manager. She trusted me, supported me and stood up for me. I couldn’t ask for a better manager in one that I feel wants me to succeed and trusts me to be a good ambassador for what we do. That has made me love my job even more. In the short time I have worked with her, I have amended the skills I use to communicate, the way in which I approach situations and I believe I have become a better HR practitioner for it. My colleagues have been supporting me in my workloads, assuring me that I am doing well and commending me on jobs well done. It’s been a refreshing and motivating change, so that I only want to continue to grow and become a better practitioner.

So this is why I love my new job and this is why I love HR. Every person and situation is different and as HR practitioners we need to have the skills to adapt messages, approaches and relationships and you do that effectively with a good team and a good manager. Try and ensure you are in an environment where you feel supported and feel you have the room to make mistakes, learn, grow and be honest. It is the best way to develop and be the best you can be.

HR Workaholic.