A lot of good things have happened to me during 2013, but I wouldn’t say it was just because I was lucky. Friends have said “wow, you are lucky” etc, but it’s not just because of luck that certain good things have happened to me, it’s because I worked hard to make them happen and I look for the opportunities.

#NZLEAD is a great example that I love talking about. I met Amanda last year on a pilot she was running about Leadership Development using social media. It was relationship building and common interest between us that sparked up the idea for #NZLEAD and it was determination and hard work that has brought it to life, it wasn’t luck. Nine months later, it has grown into something bigger than we had initially imagined and we are developing something we love and have a passion for. It hasn’t been luck that we have received a following in #NZLEAD, but it was our passion for what we do that sparked the common purpose among the HR community to make it successful.

My trip to the UK to work with Perry Timms, that didn’t happen because of luck, it happened through a network of relationships that provided opportunities for work. I provided research and presentations to Perry and he suggested a trip to the UK to meet twitter peeps and find out what London town was like. It was a fantastic and life-changing opportunity, but it didn’t happen because of luck, it happened through a strong relationship and the power of social media. Now Amanda has the same opportunity to head to the UK and that was most certainly not luck, but her love for HR and social media!

I do believe in luck, but I believe that things happen because you work for them and because you deserve them. I’ve worked hard this year to land a great HR role, which I have and I’ve worked hard with Amanda to make #NZLEAD the success it is today. Luck had little to do with it. This was hard work, motivation and determination that opened the doors.

I will offer some advice, some of which is rolled around the traps every day:

  • Opportunities come when you work for it and you are open to them
  • Put yourself in situations where opportunities can present themselves – networking events, career seminars etc
  • If you’re passionate about something and want to develop it, then just do it
  • Talk to people, get out there and get yourself known

Don’t wait for luck to find you, go out and grab what you want.

HR Workaholic!

August 04, 2010