It seems I find something to talk about at the end of each year, rather than multiple posts throughout the year… who knows though, 2017 might be different! We’ll see!

2016…. What a year. The year where you could pretty much converse only in hashtags, the year where I used the word “totes” too much that those around me at work used it too. #amaze. And the year where I abbreviated too many of my words that I seemed to have lost the ability to speak English (not really) #buttotesreally.

2016 for me has probably been the best year I have ever had as an adult (so far). I love reminiscing on all the good things each year brings and also look forward to what I can achieve with the new year around the corner. Here are some 2016 tashtastic things!

Running happy

I have blogged a couple of times about my running this year, but essentially, after a horrific half marathon in February and then an injury in March I decided to get a running coach and see how that could help me. I was referred to Greig Rightford and it was the best thing I have ever done. The comradery of the group alongside two fantastic run coaches saw me fall in love with running more than I thought I ever would. HealthFit Collective is a gym filled with all of the sports professionals you need to be successful and I made use of most of them.


What made me fall in love with running more? I loved training with the run group on Monday and Wednesdays and then also train on my own on the other days. I saw progress, and a lot of it! In the last six months with Greig I have taken off 6mins 10sec off my 5km and 7mins 20secs off my 10km. Below are the goals I set when I first met with Greig, I think I smashed them! . I also changed everything about my running technique (shown in the photo below of some drills we do) to make me more efficient and to focus on good form. My mental strength has increased tenfold, I am able to push myself through so much more just because I have some good strategies and training behind me now to feel confident in what I’m doing. I am training for my second half marathon in February and I can only imagine my improvement there will be amazing too!

goals-june-2016 run-technique-class

A cool thing that I also did this year was try an anti-gravity treadmill. Sounds weird right? It was. To improve speed and cadence (steps per minute) I used the AG treadmill mixed in with my other training to include more interval speed work with minimal impact to joints and ligaments. Amazing! Check out the photos! P.S. you sweat a lot in the funny little pants!


Overall strength

This applies to both my physical and mental strength. I have taken a keen focus on yoga, strength training and meditation. Yoga is great for physical strength (not just all the stretching) but also helps bring you back to being one with your breath and with your body. Yoga for me has helped me to be more in tune with how my body moves and feels. Working on headstands and handstands has to be my favourite semi Yoga related activity!



Strength training, who doesn’t love it?! I love it, in particular that I am working with Carl Hammington at HealthFit on functional strength training. Strength that can be useful in everyday life. Strength training has also been a key component of building my mental strength which I have seen applied to almost every other area of my life. I highly recommend!



Meditation, I have written about this before and I will write about it again. I can’t recommend meditation enough. In a world where we are so busy and so saturated in social media, internet, television (Netflix) we need to take the time where we just sit and listen to the sound of our breathing. To take a minute to listen to our body, listen to the sounds around us and then to practice mindful breathing. It’s not about shutting your mind off, but learning to allow thoughts and feelings to pass by without being consumed in every single one. It has helped me in a number of ways, in particular; accepting things I can’t control, decreasing my level of procrastination, decreasing my tendency to be distracted and helped me to focus when I’m running on how my body is feeling.

I use the app Headspace and I couldn’t recommend a better app to get started!



This year I did a lot for me. It was the first time in a long time that I focused so much of my time and energy on what I wanted. It was a year of being selfish and self-loving and I’m not even afraid to admit it. Being selfish and looking after yourself doesn’t make you a terrible person, it just means that you’re making the most important person in your life a priority and that person is you.

My job, running, yoga and meditation were the things that I focused on this year and they were all things that were for me and no one else. Even though each of these things are different from each other, they are all the same in small ways – to make them all work and to be successful at them you need to have determination, persistence, strength and willingness to work hard and succeed.

2016 has been the best year I’ve had so far and I am even more excited for what I have planned in 2017. Some of the things I have already booked in are; running my second half marathon, travelling for two months through Europe, attending a Yoga Retreat in Bali and running a number of the Auckland Run Series events.

How could it not be a fantastic year if it’s filled with all of that plus love, laughter and adventure!

Here are just a few pictures from 2016 that made it a great year of running, fun and adventure while living in beautiful New Zealand!