I am very excited for 2017, what this year brings can only be considered as excitement, adventurous, fun, filled with love, but most of all – change.

2017 isn’t yet fully underway and I am already excited for all of the things I have pulled together to make the next 365 days the best I have lived, so far! Want to see what’s in store? #youtotesdo


Boy, do I have travel booked in… on Sunday, 5 March 2017 I leave the comfort of Auckland, New Zealand and board a plane that will in approx. 30hrs land in Athens, Greece. This is where the next two months of adventure begins. I have always wanted to travel alone. I always wanted to put myself so far out of my comfort zone that I was terrified, but forced to live out an adventure that only I could create.

So two months of travel was booked, leaving New Zealand on 5 March and returning 29 April 2017. Circumstances allowed this to be a pretty easy decision for me as my 12 month contract at work is finishing mid February; what better way to take a ‘break’ before starting a new job, than to travel to some of Europe’s most beautiful places.

I have yet to confirm the exact countries that I will be travelling to over that period (considering ease of travel between countries as well as finances), however, the places that are on my list to tick off are; Santorini, Greece – Athens, Greece – Venice, Italy – Split, Croatia – Vienna, Austria – Prague, Czech Republic – Berlin, Germany – Amsterdam, Netherlands – Utrecht, Netherlands – Barcelona, Spain – Lisbon, Portugal and finally, to end the most epic of adventures, a Yoga retreat in Bali, Indonesia.

I’ve never done anything like this before, only small getaways to London and a Topdeck tour through some European countries last year. This will be a big adventure on my own that I am terrified about, but also so extremely excited! I will attempt to blog while I’m travelling… but don’t hold me to that!


RUN HAPPY (cont)

I wrote about my 2016 running happy in my last post and it is something that I am committing to as a life change. I don’t believe in ‘New Years Resolutions’ as I don’t believe we should be committing to something for just a year, we need to look at making life changes that we can sustain forever.

I feel like I have been prone to injury the last six months, with three of them listed, however, they have all been due to adaptation and pushing my body to new limits. I have also found that my injuries have been ways to show me where my body is weak and where I should focus strength training and rehabilitation work. I ended 2016 running 763km while working through my injuries, 2017 could even be bigger! My goal is to continue to run happy with fewer injuries.

After I run my half marathon in February (I have a bone to pick with the Cigna Round the Bays half marathon) I will focus more on shorter distances (5km and 10km). Half marathons don’t overly excite me, so I will look at doing shorter distances and see if the excitement for longer distances return. I am also so excited to say that I have signed up to a #STEPITUPNZ Ambassador in the lead up to Round the Bays and help encourage and support everyone to get moving!

I am also planning to run a few of the Auckland Run Series races and volunteer at a few as well. 2017 will be about giving back to the running community and to meet a range of like-minded people and runners in my new home, Auckland, New Zealand.



It is all about change. As well as one job finishing and looking for a new one, I am also changing my home base and moving from Wellington to Auckland. WHY?!? You would ask… a special someone convinced me that Auckland isn’t so bad and that it has better weather than Wellington (which is true).

Finding someone who shares the same values, entertains the same lifestyle and exercise regime, who is funny and also great is worth a shift to somewhere new. I lived in Auckland a few short months over four years ago and I’m looking forward to giving it another go. Wellington definitely is the coolest little capital in the world, however, there is nothing better than change and let’s be honest – I’m not going to miss that horrific and annoying wind!

I have friends and family in Auckland, so I’m excited for that, however, I will miss my running coach, the cool running community in Wellington and my running friends. So, one thing I am focused on next year when I get back from my travels will be finding and mingling with the Auckland running community. What better way to do that than to run races, but also to volunteer at them too. I hope by the end of the year to hopefully start up a small running group where we can take leisurely runs around the outskirts of Auckland and explore what nature has to offer.

I will really miss my friends and great people I have met in Wellington, but thankfully, it’s only an hour flight away and most of them have spare rooms for me to crash in 😉

2017 is going to be epic, mainly due to the above, but to add to that, I will be welcoming the new year in Cable Bay in Doubtless Bay, it is STUNNING! I will also be learning to surf the first week of January and that’s something I never thought I would do! Damn that Christmas present you give that ends up including you 😛

What do you have in store for 2017?

Some holiday snaps to show off my last two weeks… Kerikeri…. What a dream…. (the photos don’t do it justice – especially when they show up grainy because you don’t want to put in GIANT photos!)

kerikeri-view kerikeri-bay tree-pose-kerikeri

Cable Bay and Coopers Beach, Northland….

cable-bay coopers-beach coopers-beach-1