In four weeks time I am running the Cigna Round the Bays half marathon. In 2016 I ran the same event and it was my first half marathon. It was a horrific experience, but I still got my medal (and cried behind my glasses) after I ran over the finish line and attempted to take off my timing chip while shielding my tears from the crowd.

After that run, I thought I would never want to do it again. Why would I put myself through another gruelling 21.1kms and think this is “fun”?! WHY?!

Last week my strength trainer Carl Hammington, founder of BestMe started our class by asking what our intention of the session was. He asked us why we were there, what we wanted out of the class. He encouraged us to ask ourselves this question every time we did a training session, whether it was strength, running, yoga, cycling, whatever. He wanted us to be clear about what our intention and our why is so that we knew what we wanted to achieve out of that session.

This made me think – why the heck am I doing this half marathon again?

I want to finish it, knowing I enjoyed running it.

As you may have read from my previous blogs, I have been riddled with injuries over the last year, my most recent one in November. Since working back from that injury I have had a few other niggles crop up. I am taking it easy, listening to my body and ensuring it is in a good condition to get me through my event. Do you know of anywhere I could buy some new legs please?

One thing I needed to do was reevaluate my goal considering where I am at fitness and conditioning wise. Not because I don’t want to push my body to its extreme, but to ensure that I finished that event enjoying it and being happy. I don’t want to be limping over the finish line crying because I wanted a sub 2h finish and not getting it. Trust me, the tears will come when I realise a sub 2h is running away from me…

I want to finish this event, knowing I enjoyed running it and in order for that to happen, I will run in a way that pushes me mentally but doesn’t force my body to break. I know my body can do the run; it’s mentally where I struggle. I don’t see changing my goal as a failure, I see it as finding a way to enjoy doing something that I know will be hard enough already without putting a time limit on it. I still have to beat last years though… obviously…

If anyone would like to pace me for moral support on the day, that would be amazing – expressions of interest welcome! 🙂

Let’s hope for well rested and conditioned legs to get me through Round the Bays and some good smiling photos… yea right, more like grimacing, tortured looks.

What is your why? Why do you do what you do?