Travelling hasn’t been a dream I’ve had since school or even in the last five years. Travelling became a dream when I was made redundant almost two years ago and I decided to go to Europe on a Topdeck tour.

Before I left, I was broken. Traveling was the way I found how I wanted to grow and learn more. At that time, travelling through four countries with a bunch of random people was an amazing experience and a great way to do that. Now, I planned to go on my own. No tour.

While I worked a fixed term contract, planning began. Thinking about where I wanted to go and what I wanted to do. The plan then became a two month expedition through Europe and a retreat in Bali.

On my own.


Three days before flying out – panic, anxiety, not wanting to go.

Two days before flying out – more panic. “What if I can’t find my hotel after arriving after 8pm?” “What if I don’t have everything I need?” Excitement. Anxiety. Wanting to go. Not wanting to go. “Why did I book this?”

Kyle – “We can trade places, because what you’re doing, I want to do! You’re going to have an amazing time. It will be incredible and will be the best growth. you’ve wanted this and you’ve planned for this.”

One day before – excitement. Some panic. Excitement.



On the plane – BEST. DECISION. EVER!


Everyone loves cliches and this trip is when I truly start living them. ‘Life is short, live everyday as if it was your last.’ ‘Do something everyday that scares you’. 

Fear sets in when you do something that you’re not quite ready for (well, that you think you’re not ready for).

Fear sets in when you’re leaving loved ones behind and you’re doing something big on your own.

Fear sets in when you’re a scaredy cat but you still want to do the cool stuff.

I’m learning to screw the fear and do all the cool stuff. That’s where you’ll learn and grow and help others to do the same.

Giving into fear will change you. Travelling will change you. Allow it to.