Hiii everyone!

I wanted to say a huge thank you for following the ramblings of random things I’ve talked about over the years, this statement probably applies from any point you started following me 🙂

I started my blog six years ago  initially as part of an online leadership course I was doing, it then morphed into a platform I used to share my journey in HR. Two years ago it changed again and started to talk about all different aspects of my life, goals, running, intention, minimalism, and travel due to significant changes happening in my life! So really, the blog has changed so much over the years and it’s time to decide and articulate its new purpose and vision!

Over the last three years my life has dramatically changed in terms of how I live day to day, what I spend my time and money on and who I choose to have in my life. The changes I’ve made in my life have fundamentally come from living intentionally and minimally in order to do the things I really want, like travel more, work part-time, start a business and to genuinely be happy with my life.

So, TashTasticNZ will now be focused on sharing my journey, the lessons I’ve learned and continue to learn, and any advice and tips on adopting intentional living and minimalism principles. Posts will cover money, goals, work, travel and finding more time and space in life.

My vision and hope is to inspire others to live fantastic lives through intention and minimalism by sharing my experiences.

If you are interested in the new direction of my blog please stick around and share my posts with others who might love them too! I will be removing a lot of older posts that aren’t linked to the intention of this blog to keep it true to what I want it to be.

This message is a HUGE thank you for following along so far and an announcement of what you’ll see to come from TashTasticNZ. A full look and feel refresh will be coming soon too! YAY!

Please do reach out if you have any comments or questions or any specific topics you’d like to see me post about!!
Have a fabulous weekend everyone!

Love, TashTasticNZ xx