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Exercise & Wellbeing

Crossfit and all things movement related is what I love. The happiness and endorphins from exercise is limitless and our wellbeing will be at its best when we add this into our daily lives.

Finding balance again….

It’s been two months and I am only just starting to feel like myself again and starting to settle back into full-time work and getting back into the swing of the Monday to Friday 9-5 grind. My last contract ended... Continue Reading →

My Chi Journey – Ubud, Bali

In today's world we always look for instant gratification, quick fixes, instant happiness. Unfortunately, it doesn't work like that. Happiness and pure joy must be found inside ourselves for it to be lasting. After attending the My Chi Journey retreat in... Continue Reading →

Happiness is…

Walking along the beach watching a dog blissfully play Sleep ins and coffee in bed Dog cuddles at any time of the day Dozing off on the couch in the early afternoon Spending time with your significant other, friends or... Continue Reading →

The trap of busyness…

Last week I finished my 13-month contract and I have two and a half months until I look for my next piece of work. It was a deliberate decision to take the time off to relax and travel through Europe.... Continue Reading →

Why am I doing this?

In four weeks time I am running the Cigna Round the Bays half marathon. In 2016 I ran the same event and it was my first half marathon. It was a horrific experience, but I still got my medal (and... Continue Reading →

Love. Freedom. Growth.

2017 is already zooming by, jeepers, it’s almost the end of January and that means I only have four weeks to go at work! That means, change is coming and it is coming quickly, but how can I not be... Continue Reading →

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