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Intentional living

When we live a deliberate life we can truly focus on living a happy and content life. When we bring intention into our every day we are more mindful about our time, our energy and all sorts of other things like finances. When we are intentional we can do more than we thought!

Creating Space for Productivity

Technology is wonderful but it's also the BIGGEST reason we aren't productive and end up wasting so much time!

Overcoming Fear 😫

Overcoming any fear in life is the same. It takes surrendering, trust and presence in the moment to know it will be ok. And if it’s not, we will get back up and do it again. Until we are happy. Until we have received our reward.

Pursuing My Idea of Freedom

Don't be afraid to follow your goal, vision or dream (whatever you call it). Ask yourself how you want to spend your life and what you want to be doing.

Creating emotional space – thinking about the stuff we don’t think about

Emotions are part of who we are and we can't stop having them, but what we can do is become more aware of them and create more space within them.

Creating financial space – what we need to think about

It's not about becoming so frugal that you no longer go out and enjoy yourself or your life - it's about choosing to spend your money on things that bring you joy and get you closer to your goals.

Creating physical space – why I think it’s important

Creating space is about creating room for the things that really matter, the things that add the most value like family, laughter, fun, love, and money (yes, money). The fewer things we have, the more money we will save!

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