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Intentional living

When we live a deliberate life we can truly focus on living a happy and content life. When we bring intention into our every day we are more mindful about our time, our energy and all sorts of other things like finances. When we are intentional we can do more than we thought!

Five ways that I create space in my life

We can only create space if we really want it, there are plenty of things that we can be doing instead of taking time away from technology, journalling or going for walks, but which ones will make us feel good?

Love is….

Filling your cup of happiness first so you can give the overflow to others Loving yourself so much first, you then have so much more to give someone else Putting your values at the top of your list so you... Continue Reading →

Why I don’t really drink anymore…..

I was recently asked if why I don't drink as much anymore is because I live a plant based lifestyle. Interestingly, I haven't been asked this question before, but I have been asked a lot about my lack of drinking,... Continue Reading →

Upgrading and not splurging.

Ever since I’ve had an iPhone I’ve always bought the 16GB size, mainly because who really needed more space than that and why would I pay another $300 for some more GBs. It’s worked for me over the last 8... Continue Reading →

The future of TashTasticNZ

Hiii everyone! I wanted to say a huge thank you for following the ramblings of random things I’ve talked about over the years, this statement probably applies from any point you started following me 🙂 I started my blog six... Continue Reading →

You’re a bit young to be part-time aren’t you? 

“You’re a bit young to be part-time aren’t you?” “What are you going to be doing if you’re not working?” “How did you get your job to let you do part-time?” “Oh, I couldn’t do that” “You’re so lucky” These... Continue Reading →

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