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I am not a minimalism extremist. I buy things I want and need, but I am mindful about the purpose they will serve me. Consumerism tricks us into thing we need more more more, but do we stop to think whether it will serve us? Whether it will serve our sacred space? Our energy? Minimalism to me is bringing things into my life that serve a purpose. Not spending money on unnecessary things.

Creating financial space – what we need to think about

It's not about becoming so frugal that you no longer go out and enjoy yourself or your life - it's about choosing to spend your money on things that bring you joy and get you closer to your goals.

Creating physical space – why I think it’s important

Creating space is about creating room for the things that really matter, the things that add the most value like family, laughter, fun, love, and money (yes, money). The fewer things we have, the more money we will save!

Upgrading and not splurging.

Ever since I’ve had an iPhone I’ve always bought the 16GB size, mainly because who really needed more space than that and why would I pay another $300 for some more GBs. It’s worked for me over the last 8... Continue Reading →

But I don’t need it…..

I have been the highlight of many jokes when it comes to my hate of shopping or spending money on “things”. I hardly ever shop for clothes (let’s ignore the numerous running items I have recently purchased) or for things... Continue Reading →

Love. Freedom. Growth.

2017 is already zooming by, jeepers, it’s almost the end of January and that means I only have four weeks to go at work! That means, change is coming and it is coming quickly, but how can I not be... Continue Reading →

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