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Travel is one of the best ways to spend your money and your time. I travel whenever it works for me if I can afford it. Travel creates memories that will last a lifetime and it awakens your soul. Travel pushes you to grow more than you thought possible.

Ubud, Bali – culture, chaos and beauty!

If you’ve never been to Ubud before, put this on your list! The people, the culture and the hustle and bustle is worth getting to know and embracing!

Travel awakened my soul

Travel - it's a funny thing. We pack up some things and we leave the comforts of home. We leave the routine, the normal and the way we do things and we set off on an adventure to learn and... Continue Reading →

My Chi Journey – Ubud, Bali

In today's world we always look for instant gratification, quick fixes, instant happiness. Unfortunately, it doesn't work like that. Happiness and pure joy must be found inside ourselves for it to be lasting. After attending the My Chi Journey retreat in... Continue Reading →

Porto and Lisbon, Portugal – Perfect ending to Europe

Six weeks later and I end my Europe adventure in Portugal. What a stunning place! I don't think I had enough time in Porto, so I will definitely be back to explore more of Portugal - maybe at the same... Continue Reading →

Barcelona, an open letter to you

Barcelona, where do I begin? I was apprehensive at first, I didn't know what to expect. Most said you are their favourite city. Some said you were great but a little dangerous with pick pockets and dodgyness. Everyone said you... Continue Reading →

Amsterdam, Netherlands – You so pretty

Amsterdam, you are a pretty little thing. Your canals, your streets lined with beautifully green trees. Just so lovely! I really enjoyed my time in Amsterdam, it was a bigger more touristy city than Utrecht, where I spent a night... Continue Reading →

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