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Porto and Lisbon, Portugal – Perfect ending to Europe

Six weeks later and I end my Europe adventure in Portugal. What a stunning place! I don't think I had enough time in Porto, so I will definitely be back to explore more of Portugal - maybe at the same... Continue Reading →

Barcelona, an open letter to you

Barcelona, where do I begin? I was apprehensive at first, I didn't know what to expect. Most said you are their favourite city. Some said you were great but a little dangerous with pick pockets and dodgyness. Everyone said you... Continue Reading →

Amsterdam, Netherlands – You so pretty

Amsterdam, you are a pretty little thing. Your canals, your streets lined with beautifully green trees. Just so lovely! I really enjoyed my time in Amsterdam, it was a bigger more touristy city than Utrecht, where I spent a night... Continue Reading →

Berlin, Germany – A history filled city!

Berlin is filled with so much history. A city that has been through so much and yet, the Germans have not shy'd away from acknowledging what mistakes were made, but have recognised great suffering and horrible events with very unique monuments. Memorial... Continue Reading →

Prague, Czech Republic – Delayed Love

And on the third day, I fell in love. Arriving in Prague from Vienna was not what I expected. I was underwhelmed, I didn't immediately love the city as I did with Vienna. I was tired, over it and wanted... Continue Reading →

Vienna, Austria – Love at First Sight

I arrived in Vienna on overnight train from Venice and instantly, I fell in love. The train station is amazing (weird thing to say, but I think it's worth mentioning). The metro was so simple and getting to my hostel,... Continue Reading →

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