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Cinque Terre Part 2 – Vernazza, Monterosso + Levanto

On day two I trained from Riomaggiore to Corniglia where I finished the day before to trek on and visit the final two towns of the Cinque Terre, Vernazza and Monterosso. Starting early on another beautiful day before the sun... Continue Reading →

Cinque Terre Part 1 – Riomaggiore, Manarola and Corniglia

If you’re into the outdoors, walking, running or seeing stunning views, you HAVE to go to the coast of Italy and do the Cinque Terre. There is nothing you will regret about coming here (other than climbing a thousand and... Continue Reading →

Athens, Greece – Ancient and torn

Walking out of the metro in Monastiraki you immediately see the stunning Acropolis of Athens and get swept up into the busy vibe of the city. Monastiraki is a suburb busy with bars and restaurants and has a bit of... Continue Reading →

Santorini, Greece – Simple, Authentic, Beautiful!

Santorini, wow. What can I say? A place so small you can see the ocean on both sides of the island when travelling on the local bus. A simple island, where construction includes donkeys carrying heavy materials and wheelbarrows are... Continue Reading →

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