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Wellbeing is a hot topic and probably will be for the rest of time. As life gets busier, we get more connected (yet feel disconnected) our wellbeing is more important than ever. I have been on a rollercoaster journey with my wellbeing from depression, self hatred and family issues. It’s now the one thing I focus on the most. How do I feel every single day? If I’m not well or happy, what am I doing to change that. I do it through various means and I’ll talk about them here.

Love. Freedom. Growth.

2017 is already zooming by, jeepers, it’s almost the end of January and that means I only have four weeks to go at work! That means, change is coming and it is coming quickly, but how can I not be... Continue Reading →

Adventure, Running, Change…

HAPPY NEW YEAR! I am very excited for 2017, what this year brings can only be considered as excitement, adventurous, fun, filled with love, but most of all – change. 2017 isn’t yet fully underway and I am already excited... Continue Reading →

A day for Me!

I recently attended my first yoga retreat at Pause Yoga in Wellington, New Zealand. It was amazing.  I couldn’t fault that day, not one little bit.  The studio was spectacular, the food was delicious, the other attendees were lovely and... Continue Reading →

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