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Ready. Fear. Go.

Travelling hasn't been a dream I've had since school or even in the last five years. Travelling became a dream when I was made redundant almost two years ago and I decided to go to Europe on a Topdeck tour.... Continue Reading →

Love. Freedom. Growth.

2017 is already zooming by, jeepers, it’s almost the end of January and that means I only have four weeks to go at work! That means, change is coming and it is coming quickly, but how can I not be... Continue Reading →

Adventure, Running, Change…

HAPPY NEW YEAR! I am very excited for 2017, what this year brings can only be considered as excitement, adventurous, fun, filled with love, but most of all – change. 2017 isn’t yet fully underway and I am already excited... Continue Reading →

Mid winter blow out!

In the southern hemisphere we are experiencing the tropical, warm and comforting season of winter. Yes, I'm lying, it's not tropical or warm, only slightly comforting when you're wearing a few too many layers that make you sweat as soon... Continue Reading →

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