Living a fantastic life through intention, space and self-care



Slowing down and creating space these holidays!

We are told this holiday is all about giving to others and giving selflessly, which I agree with! But it shouldn't come at the expense of us looking after ourselves first. In order for us to love the time we have with our family and friends and be productive at work, we need to be energised, happy and rested.

5 takeaways from #30daysofspace

The idea behind "30 Days to a More Spacious Life" was to create awareness and prompt individuals to think about how they could create a little more space in their life.

Pursuing My Idea of Freedom: Part 2

Following my last blog 'Pursuing my idea of freedom', I said that I would a few follow up posts on the different things I did to prepare for self-employment. So in this post, I'll talk about what I did both... Continue Reading →

Creating Space for Productivity

Technology is wonderful but it's also the BIGGEST reason we aren't productive and end up wasting so much time!

Pursuing My Idea of Freedom

Don't be afraid to follow your goal, vision or dream (whatever you call it). Ask yourself how you want to spend your life and what you want to be doing.

Creating emotional space – thinking about the stuff we don’t think about

Emotions are part of who we are and we can't stop having them, but what we can do is become more aware of them and create more space within them.

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